With this exercise, we are stimulating all the types of tactility sensors:  deep sensors next to the bone, skin surface light touch, tickle and light pressure, and hot and cold.  All tactile stimulation is done distally (starting at finger tips or toes - farthest out on the limb) in to the top of the limb.


Deep pressure

                Starting at the tip of a finger, squeeze with the flat of your fingers to point of response (slight pulling away, eyes opening, etc.) - feel the bone when you squeeze down.  Slowly squeeze up that finger bone to the wrist - grasp and then release - move up a little higher.  Do all the fingers and then with both hands, squeeze all the way to the bone on the wrist - grasp then release - move up to the next point on the bone - do the same.  Slowly work your way up the entire arm.  It should take between 1 and ½ minutes to 2 and ½ minutes to work your way up each limb.  Go slowly. 

                Move to the next hand/arm.  Then do foot/leg, other foot/leg.  Now you are done.

                One time use your hands.  The next time use a massager that "rattles the bones" , again moving very slowly up the limb.  The change in stimulation helps this sensory system normalize more quickly.


Pat - tickle - rub with gloves


                Starting at the tip of the fingers, pat the hand/arm all the way up to the top of the arm.  Now go back and tickle the arm all the way to the top.  Do the same to the feet and legs.  Now put on the tactile gloves and rub very lightly from tips of fingers to top of arm - irritating all the skin of the arms - do all of the hands/arms/feet/legs this way.  Repeat the cycle until the timer goes off. – 3 minutes


Cold/hot sequence


                Starting at the tips of the fingers, put the cold material on the skin and hold it there long enough to actually effect the skin temperature.  Slowly move it around and up the limb until you are at the top.  Do hands/arms/feet/legs.  Do cold first. – 2 minutes