The information articles and the audio seminar on this page provides the family with a basic understanding of the developmental approach to functional evaluation and education of children and adults, with an emphasis on finding causes of learning and motor inefficiencies. Having reviewed this information, families are encouraged to speak with and/or visit families presently utilizing these programs. After exploring this information and calling or emailing us with any questions, families who would like to have an individualized home program designed for their child or other family members should complete the History and Application form and send in the deposit to SENC at the above address. Please make check to SENC. Send an email to: info@senc.us for a History and Application Form.


Upon our receipt of the History and Application form and deposit of $300, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment. A confirmation letter and map to the evaluation site will be sent at that time. Revisit evaluations will require a $200 deposit to confirm.

The balance is due at the time of the appointment.


Deposits will be refunded only if cancellations are made six weeks prior to the client’s evaluation.


Changes do not occur overnight. We are only able to design programs for a limited number of families. Because of this, we ask for a one-year commitment to the program and re-evaluations with program updates. This means that evaluations are done every quarter. This will help us keep your program up to date as changes occur. Missing an evaluation requires a written report from you so we can update your program and it keeps you more on track with progress. Review of this is $100 with program update sent to you. Otherwise your next reevaluation will be $475. Communication is also very important. We become a team. Calling, writing, e-mailing and sending in your monthly reports is very important in this partnership of providing the best possible program for your family member. Missing 2 reevaluation periods without approval from your neurodevelopmentalist will mean that you have dropped program and must return as a new client.

PRICING: Please make check to SENC.

Initial Evaluation
First Family Member$625.00
Each Additional Family Member$550.00
First Family Member$375.00 - $475 if miss quarterly reevaluation

Each Additional Family Member$325.00 - $425 if miss quarterly reevaluation



Client’s Name_________________________Family Name____________________________________
Daytime phone________________________Evening phone___________________________________

Amount Enclosed $___________________________