My husband and I spent much time and money trying to discern what was the problem with our then 9 year old son. He was what we thought a normal boy of 9 yet he could not seem to grasp the reading concept. I had homeschooled him since he was about 5 and taught him phonics many times but he never progressed.

A mutual friend recommended that we see Kay and last August 2008 we went for an evaluation. Kay was encouraging and so optimistic about his potential from the beginning. We have seen so much progress in his reading, comprehension, math etc. We have noticed his overall understanding of issues in life is so much better and has really been a blessing in our lives. The progress did not come without many hours of diligent work on our part, but Kay has always been there to encourage and answer our questions.

As a mom, I love the way I can email her my questions and be assured I will hear back from her in a timely manner. What a blessing she has been to us and we look forward to our evaluations every four months because of the progress that we see. We are hopeful that he will graduate soon from the program but I have to say that many of the exercises Kay has prescribed are good life skills for everyone! I feel so confident that her advice and expertise are biblical and she has never tried to label our son or his issues. I have never been told by her that he won’t ever be able to do this thing or that thing, which is much of what we heard from other professionals. Kay Ness has truly been a God-send in our lives!