PDD NOS - Caroline
My daughter, Caroline, was diagnosed when she was 19 or 20 months old with PDD (NOS) with sensory integration disorder and autistic characteristics.
I met Kay Ness while working with a family that was already on Program. I had seen how Program worked and what a difference it had made in the young man’s life. When Caroline, my youngest, had just turned 4 I took her to have an evaluation by Kay. Caroline made the evaluation very easy. She climbed stacked chairs, had a meltdown, and did all of the things I needed help with.
Two hours later I had my Program in hand and was ready to spend hours and months just to get my child to make progress. I was wrong. It only took two days and Caroline, who had never answered me when I called her, said, “what” when I called her name and the cherry was that she actually came to me when I asked her to do so. I was so shocked and happy! Lauren, my 5 year old, Caroline, and I spent the next year faithfully modifying behavior.
Today, exactly 5 years later, Caroline is in 3rd grade. She does not have an aid in school, she communicates almost as well as her sister, and her sensory problems are gone. She still prefers to play by herself and she is a picky eater so we still have some hurdles to overcome but I’m blessed to hear that voice every day that tells me she loves me.