Our son Mason was 12 when he began the program. We had been doing program with another one of our children and had noticed that Mason was struggling with getting things down on paper (i.e. Math problems, writing sentences, etc.).

After having him evaluated, we realized his reading wasn’t quite as good as we thought and he had some dominance issues. We were on the program for only 4 months and his reading and comprehension levels jumped from grade level to post high school. His auditory and visual processing also improved drastically and we saw him begin to love to read.

The 4 months of hard work were so worth the investment! He is doing better in all school subjects and we have continued to do some of the exercises of the program just to keep things sharp. Kay was such a blessing as we watched her tailor a specific program for both of our children. She knew immediately from the evaluation where our trouble areas were and she knew how to begin to fix them. I feel like she is so gifted in diagnosis and bringing each child to their God-given potential.