Learning disabilities

I had been praying for some time that the Lord would give me direction in teaching one of our children that was having some difficulties processing her lessons and studies at home. As a homeschooling mom of four and a former school teacher, I was officially stumped; the typical tricks of remediation and the suggestions of many counseled were simply not helping. Frustration had set in for our little one, and I was elevating in concern about the lack of progress and my inability to help. This was the baby that I had carried with the condition of SUA (single umbilical artery) in the womb. Thankfully she was born in health and never presented an ill effect despite the plethora of potential of possible effects that over shadowed the pregnancy, but now delays in learning were surfacing and we harkened back to the possibility of this manifestation from the SUA.

It was after a season that the kindness of the Lord led us to Kay for a neurodevelopmental evaluation for our little girl. I sat utterly amazed at the incredibly fascinating and thorough evaluation she executed. Our brains are nothing short of an amazing creation! Not only was Kay able to pinpoint the actual deficiencies within the context neurological development, but she provided us with the complete and customized therapeutic program of how we would work together to overcome the weaknesses. Little did I know of the vast realm of neuroplasticity and the capabilities that our brains have to be corrected with specified exercises and activities. Being the practical woman that I am, I always appreciate remedies that address and correct the root cause, and I found it exciting that this approach did just that. While this undoubtedly takes a measure of commitment and consistency, we found that the reaping is worth every investment!

Only after a few months, our child was showing significant (and I mean significant) progress! Over a year later, I look back and cannot feel more grateful to see the dramatic growth and a child with an entirely new attitude and perspective on learning. I only wish I knew to have seen her sooner!

Because I have seen firsthand the effectiveness of this method and the blessing it was to us, I find myself telling others in even in grocery stores and around town as any opportunity presents. Kay was sweet refreshment of hope and encouragement to this mother when I weary. She is an incredibly passionate and committed woman who I have been humbled to witness the laying down her life in love to help families near and far with their dear children. It is clear that the Lord has given her a very special gift in this field. Having made it her life mission to use it for His glory and share it with others, I feel beyond thankful that we were one of the families that have been blessed by her consulting!