Hi :

I am glad to let you know of our experiences. I did program with my son  when he was 9 years old (he's now 11) for ADHD and learning issues. The change in him has been dramatic. He truly is a different child today compared to where he would be if we hadn't done program.

Initially, we had Eric on medication because he was so very hyper. Even then, he was hyper, immature, couldn't sit still, couldn't process information at age level, had terrible social skills....I could go on and on. After just a couple of months on program we were able to take him off medication and he has not had need of it since. We did the program in total for one year. His maturity, his ability to focus and learn, his reading ability have all improved greatly. He now sits still in class and has made a number of friends (something he wasn't able to do before)--he's really just a "normal" 11 year old boy. Words can't express how grateful we are to Kay and to this ND program.

Now that you know the great part, you need to also know that doing program is not easy. It is slow work, it can be hard work, but it DOES work. I took my son out of school and homeschooled him for a year so I could devote the time necessary to program. I think the key is that you have to be willing to invest the time. I have referred several people to Kay, but most haven't wanted to take their kids out of school, and it soon became burdensome trying to keep up with program and school and they eventually dropped program. BUT, I have another friend who started program a few months back with her son who has a number of issues; she DID take her son out of school and has been faithful to do the work. She has seen amazing results with her son in a very short period of time.

Kay is just about the smartest lady I know, and she is passionate about helping these kids. I recommend her without reservation.

Let me know if you have any more questions or if I can help you further.