My son’s challenges started when he was about two years old. We had tried hard to do everything “right” – homebirth, breastfeeding, healthy food, etc., but he still seemed to be sensitive to foods and smells. He started having trouble controlling his emotions and behavior, leading to screaming fits, sleepless nights, and discipline problems. At five years old, he began to have speech problems, such as stuttering and a weird kind of echoing of whatever he said. We were able to help with the allergies somewhat, but the behavioral issues were not resolving. If we had seen an MD, I assume that he would have been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, perhaps Aspergers.

We met with Kay and were thrilled to learn that he was several years ahead in most of his schooling, but obviously there were serious concerns about his behavior, speech, and tendency for allergic reactions. We followed Kay’s advice for nutrition, chiropractic and supplementation, as well as her instructions for working with him at home. All of these things together have been a great help to him, and to the rest of the family as well.

One of my favorite results from the neurodevelopmental approach was the obvious improvement in organization skills. In fact, he is now the most organized of us all, and I regularly call upon him to organize the cupboards, the library, etc. He likes things to be neat and tidy, although, like most children, he can still do a great job of messing things up!

At some point in the process, his erratic behavior began to calm, and his stuttering disappeared altogether. He still echoes himself at times, particularly when he is stressed, but that is much better, also. In general, he is much more in control of his own behavior than he was. Most people who meet him now might find him to be a little quirky, maybe a little too talkative, but nothing noteworthy. Those people who knew him from “before” are amazed at the difference in him. And his father and I are thankful that the sleepless nights are behind us!