Yes, we did do NDT and my daughter made dramatic progress. I had known since her 2nd grade yearly evaluation that she had learning delays which was so frustrating because we had read to our child since pregnancy, breastfed well past 1 year, not vaccinated, we ate a whole foods diet and had chosen a lifestyle of learning for our family. This wasn't supposed to happen to us.

When I finally found Kay, the learning delays were affecting our relationship negatively, because my 3 year old could repeat and remember what I had said, and my 12 year old could not. I waffled between "Can she not hear me or is she being rebellious?" I had tried other "services" and all they could recommend was more of the same grind that I was already putting her through, that had rendered no results and that could find no cause.

Honestly, after meeting with Kay it was like a darkness began to disperse. Finally, someone that could reason and recognize that more tutor sessions or different colors of paper were not going to "fix" her, nor was a label. For the first time in 5 years, I was able to sit down and enjoy a sunset with my 13 year old daughter and not be frustrated with her. Our routine was to take the cod liver oil and stick to our whole foods diet, although not to the point that Kay does. Since I was homeschooling, we did take the luxury to make it our "curriculum." I understand you may feel you don't have that luxury, but I can say that my daughter could not remember 7x3 and two years later was doing Geometry and Formal Logic. After only 6 weeks she began to be able to tell a difference and would prompt me to stay at it with her. I like to explain it as giving her the tools for her tool box. She does have a slight auditory processing issue that will never completely leave her, but she improved considerably by establishing dominance, covering her eye, plugging her ear, working on digit spans, flash cards, echo reading and going back through crawling, spinning, etc...

Basically, I believe that NDT narrowed the gaps, for example, her auditory processing was a 3 and hovered between 7-8 after only a year. Her math skills went up 3 grade levels and her reading comprehension 6 grade levels. We were vigilant about no screen time and music with no words, which was easier for us than most, since we don't have video games, watch tv as a family movie night, and enjoy classical music.

I also know another family in Orlando who had 2 children go through with Kay, and they both are now at UCF, one in Honors College there. My daughter is a very average student, Certified Life Guard, excellent golfer and is running her own pet and childcare sitting business. She is an avid reader and has fulfilled all of her high school requirements and will graduate in May. She made slightly above an average score on her ACT and was accepted to the college of her dreams.

I hope this has been a glimmer of hope to you all, that it is worth the time, commitment and money that NDT will take.